Raw Chocolate Pie is very special, a true super food

Sugar free, dairy free, gluten free and delicious! This is a raw product and so none of the natural nutrients associated with cacao have been destroyed in the making.

Unbelievable? Not at all, just read here...

How do we make it?

We grind down the raw cacao and add it to coconut butter and agave nectar, which is the sap of a cactus. We then add the other flavours.

We are very careful where we source our ingredients. Being only a small family business, we cannot afford currently to apply for organic status. However, we import our raw materials via another very reputable family business which provides us with goods that are not only organic but also fair trade – something we feel very strongly about.

Our aim is to provide a product of integrity.

Who can eat it?

Our pie is suitable for diabetics, celiacs and anyone with a dairy, egg or soya intolerance.

It is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans, but to be honest, most people simply buy it because they like it.

Is chocolate really good for you?

Yes it is, especially if it is raw.

Raw Chocolate is a powerful anti-oxidant, an energy boost, promotes a sense of well being….and much, much more. ( see our article on raw chocolate nutritional value ).

Where is the pie made?

Our Raw Chocolate pie is made in Cornwall, in a converted barn on the outskirts of St Ives.

It is a handmade product and therefore not every pie is exactly the same shape – which we like to think adds to its charm!

At £2.25 per pie, do give it a try. You will taste the freshness of the raw ingredients with none of the cloying sensation associated with eating most chocolate products.

A warning, though... Once you have tried it, you will be back for more... and more... and more!

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