Nutritional Value

Raw Chocolate Pie

The most fundamental value of Raw Chocolate Pie can be found in its name - it is RAW.  Raw food is marvellous. Eaten raw, food maintains its enzymes, friendly bacteria and high nutritional value.  Enzymes are so important, the very building blocks of the body and they are released the moment raw food is chewed instead of being lost in the cooking process. The raw cacao we use in our raw chocolate pie making is organic and is a true nutritional aid as well as being an energy boost and mood enhancer. It is also delicious!

Our pie is suitable for diabetics, anyone with a wheat or gluten intolerance (except for the Booster bar), anyone with a dairy intolerance, vegetarians and vegans. The pie contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and no GM ingredients.


For sometime now, with the help of a local laboratory, we have been trying to establish the true position with regard to the nutritional value of Raw Chocolate Pie. The main stumbling block has been with regard to the fat and calorie content of coconut oil.

Although coconut oil contains saturated fat, it is plant-based and therefore a clean "good fat". Far from contributing to weight gain, coconut oil/butter actually causes weight loss. It increases the body's metabolism, therefore burning more energy and helping reduce weight. Coconut oil/butter is also beneficial for the heart as it contains 50% lauric acid which helps prevent  high cholesterol and blood pressure.

People living in tropical coastal areas, who eat coconut oil/butter daily and cook with it, are rarely obese or even overweight and also show very low incidences of cardiovascular disease.

Individual nutritional information can be found on each product page.