So...what can you do with Raw Chocolate Pie?

Well, you can’t call it a bar of chocolate, it is more of a pudding because you really cannot eat it all in one go - although it is a health product it is very rich. Your Pie needs to be kept in the fridge and as chocolate is rather like blotting paper when it comes to absorbing smells and tastes, if you have anything strong smelling in your fridge, put your Pie in a sealed container.

Then you can slice it into small pieces, or grate it. You can add it to muesli, ice cream, yoghurt or as a topping for puddings. It is great added to a chilli which is a South American tradition to give richness and texture to the dish(half a Pie of Naked or Chilli for a chilli for 4-6 people). However, fold in the Raw Chocolate Pie just before serving so that it is not cooked.

You can add a grated Pie to milk (or coconut/rice milk if you are lactose intolerant) to make a delicious hot chocolate or milk shake. You can add small pieces to a smoothie to increase energy and the feel good factor. You can melt down a Pie and use it as a delicious sauce to pour over whatever takes your fancy.

Of course, you can add pieces of Pie to baking but that does rather spoil the whole point which is that Raw Chocolate Pie is just that – RAW. If you cook it to a temperature above 40 degrees centigrade, you will seriously damage the value of the live enzymes and destroy much of the nutritional value.

If you are a diabetic, a coeliac or lactose intolerant; if you are a vegetarian or a vegan; if you are watching your weight….then you no longer have to sit around feeling mournful while everyone else enjoys delicious puddings.