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The Lockdown Gift Box

It seems to be universally acknowledged that one of the most positive side effects of this dreadful virus is that in general we are all being kinder to one another, taking more time to talk and to listen, to rekindle old friendships and make new ones – thanks to the wonders of virtual communication.

Back in the late sixties, I shared a flat in Chelsea with three other girls. It was a very smart address but we lived in an extremely damp basement and the rent, as I recall, was £7 per week!  We lived together for three or four years and then went our separate ways, meeting up again only at each other’s weddings and then life and its demands took over.

Now, suddenly, we are back to touch, updating news of where life has taken us, remembering the fun, the parties, the broken hearts, all that shared living. Initially meeting again was through emails, now there is talk of WhatsApp and Zoom. It’s wonderful - there is nothing quite like the friendships made when we were very young, is there?

This made me think about the value of friendship.  So many of you have been sending gifts to your friends and family and so I have come up with the idea of a really good value gift box for you to send to those you care about who are in isolation – A Lockdown Gift Box.

The box contains the 6 top selling pies – 4 Raw Chocolate and 2 Raw Fudge, which are Himalayan Salt, Peppermint, Ginger, Coffee, Salted Caramel Fudge and Chocolate Fudge. The pies are packed in a cardboard box, Jenga style with a sprig of rosemary.  Please do add a message on the order form which I will put on a gift card for you. I also will not include the invoice in the Box.

Of course, you could simply buy the Lockdown Box for yourself – and why not, indeed! If so, do bear in mind, given these difficult times, I have made the Box the best value way to buy our pies, working out at just £1.98 each.

So, here’s to friendship, thank you so, so much for your support and please do take great care of yourselves.


April Update 4

Dear Customers,

Last week was pretty awful, wasn’t it, with no obvious light at the end of the tunnel, as yet?

For light relief, I thought I would tell you about Trencrom Hill, which is only a few hundred yards from The Raw Chocolate Pie kitchen. Many of you may be familiar with the Hill. From the top, you can see both coasts – Mounts Bay from Lizard Point round to Mousehole and if you reach the summit just after dawn, St Michael’s Mount is dramatically backlit by the rising sun. Turn your back on Mounts Bay and there is St Ives Bay, Godrevy Lighthouse and a view of the coast as far as Padstow. It is breath taking. I take my dogs up there every morning and it always raises the spirits, even on a wet, muddy November day.

Trencrom Hill is the site of an Iron Age fort and you can still make out the ancient fortifications and discover the wells where water was drawn. As you see from the photograph below, the hill is dotted with huge boulders. Being Cornwall, of course, legend has a completely different take on the history of the Hill. The story is the boulders are there as the result of two giants having a fight over a lady. The giant on St Michael’s Mount hurled rocks at the giant on Trencrom hill, and vice versa, and sadly in the fight, the poor giantess was killed. When meeting visitors on the Hill, who ask about its history, I am always tempted to go with the giant story!

So, to Raw Chocolate Pie. My daughter, Deets, has now been back at work for a week and what a difference she has made. We are working long hours but we are really making progress towards rebuilding stock and it is lovely to have her company rather than working alone.

Bearing in mind that Raw Chocolate, in particular, cheers us all up, I am continuing the 20% discount for one more week, up to and including Monday, 4th May. Reluctantly, I will then have to reduce the discount because margins are terribly tight but I am looking at putting together a Lock Down Pack of your favourites at a significantly reduced price. I am very aware that we all need to be careful with money at the moment.

Thank you again for all your support and please stay safe.

Debby x

April Update 3

Dear Customers,

A little bit of good news from The Raw Chocolate Pie Company. As I have mentioned, I had to furlough my staff mainly because, almost overnight, the bottom fell out of our wholesale trade. However, my younger daughter Edita, (known as Deets) and I are part of the same household and so there is no reason why we should not work together. More importantly, for six years now, Deets has been The Raw Chocolate Pie Company’s chief chocolate and fudge maker!

So, as of today, Deets is no longer furloughed and back to full time work and this has been possible because of YOU. Your support, encouragement and wonderful orders over the last few weeks have been phenomenal and quite frankly, I truly believe you have almost certainly saved the business. We now have one or two wholesale customers coming back and if we are very, very careful I think we can pull through this terrible time. I am hoping we are taking the first tiny steps towards welcoming back the rest of the staff – what a day that will be!

Keeping on the 20% discount is the very least I can do by way of a thank you. Also from today, through to next Monday, there will be a free gift with every order – nothing amazing, just a little something extra to show my appreciation.

Please take great care of yourselves.


April Update 2

Dear Customers,

I made the first Raw Chocolate Pie 13 years ago come next month. At the time, as well as having a shop in St Ives, I also had a tiny shop in the Oxford Covered Market.

The first flavour I made was Nut which I wrapped in grease proof tied with a ribbon – not very effective in a time and motion sense, but it looked nice! I left the first dozen pies with the person who ran the shop and I had not reached the Oxford ring road on my way back to Cornwall, when she called me to say she had run out of stock.

From then it was a battle to provide her with enough pies. The vast majority of her customers where students, preparing for Finals or end of year exams. They reported that the pies gave them an energy boost and also made them feel more positive about the prospect of the exams ahead.

Studying the benefits of chocolate, particularly when raw, I began to realise the extent to which it boosts mood, energy and brain function. It is a non-addictive stimulant, reducing depression and lethargy and improving memory. No wonder the students were buying Raw Chocolate Pie in such quantities.

So, in these difficult times, I feel that anything which makes us feel more cheerful has to be a good thing. I am therefore continuing the 20% discount for as long as I possibly can to make Raw Chocolate Pie as affordable as possible. I am sorry only the 60g pies are available but with no staff, this is all I can manage. However, 60g does go a long way. Keep your pies in the fridge and just chop off a small piece whenever you feel the need.

Stay safe and thank you so much for your support.


April Update 1

Dear Customers,

Before anything else, I just want to say an enormous “thank you” to you for all the kind messages of encouragement I have received over the last 10 days. I am so grateful to you. My husband died two years ago and I must admit I am still not very good at living alone but work keeps me going and so do you.

Thank you, too, for all the orders. I am sorry some have been a little slow in coming out to you. However, now I have restricted the site to 60g Pies of both Raw Chocolate and Raw Fudge, plus superfoods and sprouting seeds, service will improve dramatically as we have everything in stock. I am sorry too about not being able to produce any more Easter eggs but the Pies are good and healthy and they make great presents.

Chocolate lifts the spirits, raw chocolate even more so. It is going to be a funny old Easter, most of us separated from friends and family. For this reason, I am extending the 20% discount right up to the Easter weekend, regardless of the size of your order, in the hope it helps a little.

Please take care,

Further March Update

We are still going but I must admit to struggling without any staff and, like many of us, am finding it very lonely without them.

In order to keep supplying you, I am restricting orders to 60g pies of both Raw Chocolate and Raw Fudge. The exceptions with Raw Chocolate are The Booster Bar and Festive Pie which are no longer in stock.

I can box the pies for you as gifts – have a look at our gifts page where you will find the offers and I am continuing with the 20% off.

Please take care and thank you so very much for your support and the lovely messages we have received.

Update & ongoing offer

Dear Customer,

To conform with Government instructions, as of today we have gone into lock down. This means that all my staff have gone home to be with their families and hopefully keep safe.

I am still here, though, operating as a sole trader and do have stock available to meet orders. As the days go by, the stock will obviously diminish and I will try to keep updating the website by indicating out of stock items. What we have most is 60g pies of both Raw Chocolate and some Raw Fudge. We also have a good selection of Pocket Pies.

In view of the times in which we find ourselves, I have continued the 20% discount for next few weeks.

Take care.

Best wishes,

Valentines Hamper just 12 pounds through Monday 3rd

Our Christmas and Easter hampers always prove very popular but we have never made up a Valentine’s Day hamper before……so here goes!
It contains :

  • 6 Raw Chocolate Hearts packed with berries

  • 1 Goji & Pumpkin Raw Chocolate Pie

  • 1 Naked Raw Chocolate Pie

  • 1 Himalayan Raw Chocolate Pie

  • 1 Raw Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

  • 1 Naked Combo Pie, half plain chocolate/half vanilla fudge

The Valentine Hamper

A delicious and healthy gift for everyone but if the love of your life is also Vegan, it is perfect!

The normal price is £15 but, as a new product, this is an introductory offer to our lovely subscribers just for the weekend.

Best wishes,

Chilli Slice Pack Offer

As well as FREE POSTAGE on all orders for the month of January, for this weekend only, we will include a 2 pack of Chilli Slices with every order.

We’re well into the “January blues”, aren’t we? It is never an easy month, the weather, coping with the impact of Christmas expenditure, Spring seeming still a long way away. St Ives has been like a ghost town the last few weeks.

So, to warm you up and hopefully cheer you up, I am offering you a free new product this weekend. From midnight on Thursday, 23rd through to midnight on Monday, 27th, we are going to include a FREE CHILLI SLICE GIFT PACK with every order.

Chilli Slice 2 Pack

The Chilli slices are an interesting flavour experience. When I exhibit at food festivals, I can see that when I offer samples of the chilli, customers think “silly woman, she’s muddled up her samples”. But you have to wait – first there is the hit of delicious raw chocolate and then after a minute or two, the lovely warm spicy flavour of the chilli kicks in – it is hot, but not eye wateringly so.

So enjoy, it doesn’t matter how small your order, every one will include a FREE chilli gift pack and the postage will be FREE too…. oh, and Spring is coming!

Best wishes,

Free Postage Throughout January

A very Happy New Year to you all and thank you again for your support.

The New Year starts somewhat sadly for us in that we are closing our little shop in St Ives. There are various reasons for this but the main one is that we cannot make a retail outlet pay in St Ives. It is such a lovely little town but the combination of high rates and the fact that it is so seasonal, makes trading very difficult for a small business.

The good news is that since our main contact with you, our retail customers, will now be online, we will do everything we can to make buying from our website as easy, as good value and as fun as possible. Look out for new products and new deals.

It seems appropriate that since January is the first month without customers being able to visit our shop, ALL ORDERS MADE ON LINE DURING JANUARY WILL BE POSTAGE FREE, regardless of their value.

Best wishes,