October Offer - Free Naked Combo Pie

To celebrate the launch of our new Raw Fudge packaging, we are offering you a very special gift. For the month of October only, we will be giving you a free Naked Combo Pie with all online orders, regardless of how much you spend.

Raw Naked Combo Pie

Half Raw Naked Pie and half Raw Vanilla Fudge... two of our bestsellers in one bar, a winning combination which is both subtle and delicious!

Sticking to our Cornish roots, we are extremely proud of our Raw Fudge Pies, giving you a healthy fix of Cornish Fudge flavours, without the dairy, gluten or any added sugar. Coconut oil replaces the dairy and lucuma (a dried Amazonian fruit) replaces the sugar.

We hope you all love our colourful new wrapping!

Best wishes for a happy and healthy October,