June Offer - Free Postage

I find myself very often torn in two when it comes to running The Raw Chocolate Pie Company. I have an on line business, as you know, but I also have a shop in St Ives which many of you will have visited.

I mind so much that the small independent shops in St Ives are disappearing in favour of large chains. We cling on to our little shop because it gives visitors the opportunity to visit “The Mother Ship”. People around the country who buy our product often have no idea that we are such a small family enterprise. It is good to show customers that we are a real local business making our own handmade raw chocolate and fudge and it feels so important to offer visitors the opportunity to visit individual shops which they won’t find anywhere else.

Free Postage

But the online shop is vital to us as well. So many of you who visit St Ives go home to a town or city where we may not be represented in a way which is convenient to you. And then there is the time factor – so many of us do not have the time to go out shopping – on line is so much quicker at the end of a working day.

To cover our postage costs, we do normally need to charge delivery on orders under £20. However, for the month of June, we are offering free postage on all orders, regardless of value as a way of saying “thank you” for your custom.

I am truly grateful for your support.

Best wishes,