July Offer - Pie Mania 10 Pack only 18 pounds

Sunny weather and chocolate don’t obviously go together. When it’s hot, cool drinks, ice cream and fruit are the more likely to be appealing. However, as you know, Raw Chocolate Pie is a refrigerated product and because it is raw and vegan, it does not have that slightly cloying taste associated with traditional chocolate bars which tend to be a bit too rich and creamy in a heatwave. Chocolate is a fruit and Raw Chocolate Pie has a fruity, fresh taste. As well as eating our pie as a bar, it is wonderful grated over ice cream or yoghurt, or chopped into muesli to give you a morning energy boost. Deliciously cold, deliciously nutritious, nice and not at all naughty!

So, for July, we have a very special offer for you. Some years ago, a customer called me to say how much she loved our Raw Chocolate Pie. She said she was suffering from “Pie Mania”. It was too good a description to forget and we named two special deals “Pie Mania” in her honour – one for 20 pies of your choice and one for 10.

Pie Mania - Pack of 10 Pies

For July, we are offering the Pie Mania 10 pack for just £18 – which is a £5 reduction on the normal price. A real saving, making the cost of an individual pie just £1.80 instead of the normal £2.50.
Enjoy the sunshine AND Raw Chocolate Pie!

Best wishes,