August Offer - Free Top Seller Pack

A very nice thing happened to me last weekend. I collected my granddaughter, Lily and her school friend for their homes just outside Oxford and drove them down to Cornwall to do some work experience at The Raw Chocolate Pie Company for a few days. Lily is 14 and on the way to Cornwall, we stopped off in Bath and attended a Vegan Festival for a day. We had a great reception, everyone seemed to love our vegan chocolate and fudge but what was particularly lovely about the day was how enthusiastic Lily became. She really talked to customers about the product and was clearly delighted that we virtually sold out. It felt so good to have a new generation feeling really proud about what we do.

At the Bath show, for the first time we only sold SLICES (the 30g pie, rather than the 60g). It wasn’t the result of some brilliant marketing strategy - with Lily, her friend, their luggage and a display fridge in a tiny car, there was only room for the small bars! However, as it turned out, it was something of a marketing coup. Everyone loved the SLICES and because they were small enough, many of the customers ate their purchases at the show and came back for more – which was excellent!

Inspired by this, I am offering you a free TOP SELLER PACK of slices if you order from our website during the month of August, regardless of your order value. This gift pack (normally £4.35) contains 3 Slice bars – Himalayan Salt, Ginger and Naked and makes a great present – if you can bear to give it away!

Top Seller Slice Pack Offer

I hope you all have a good Summer and thank you once again for your support.


PS Lily want to do lots of shows in the Christmas holidays – great!