October Offer - Free Pocket Pie

My son, Charlie, married a truly lovely girl at the end of last month. The marriage took place at the church in St Ives, my grandson, Fred, did the reading from “The Velveteen Rabbit” – there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

Not only is Charlie a very lucky chap to have managed to acquire such a remarkable wife, she is also the inspiration behind an entirely new product for us – The Raw Chocolate Pocket Pie, Very Berry flavour.

For a while now, I have been trying to develop a raw chocolate pie which does not need to be refrigerated but tastes just like our normal pie. I think I have done it and I do hope you think so too. Like the rest of the range, Pocket Pie is Vegan and gluten free, soya free and contains no added refined sugar. It is flavoured with raspberries and strawberries for a really zingy taste.

So where does Charlie’s new wife feature in all this? She encouraged me to have a go at this new pie and thought up the name Pocket Pie – in other words, you can keep it in your pocket because it does not need refrigerating!

Raw Chocolate Pocket Pie - Very Berry

To celebrate this potential new range (there will be other flavours judging by customers’ reaction so far), you will receive a free Pocket Pie with every order you place during the month of October, regardless of the size of your order. I think you will enjoy it – we keep selling out in our shop.

Take care and thank you for your continued support.