April Update 1

Dear Customers,

Before anything else, I just want to say an enormous “thank you” to you for all the kind messages of encouragement I have received over the last 10 days. I am so grateful to you. My husband died two years ago and I must admit I am still not very good at living alone but work keeps me going and so do you.

Thank you, too, for all the orders. I am sorry some have been a little slow in coming out to you. However, now I have restricted the site to 60g Pies of both Raw Chocolate and Raw Fudge, plus superfoods and sprouting seeds, service will improve dramatically as we have everything in stock. I am sorry too about not being able to produce any more Easter eggs but the Pies are good and healthy and they make great presents.

Chocolate lifts the spirits, raw chocolate even more so. It is going to be a funny old Easter, most of us separated from friends and family. For this reason, I am extending the 20% discount right up to the Easter weekend, regardless of the size of your order, in the hope it helps a little.

Please take care,