April Update 2

Dear Customers,

I made the first Raw Chocolate Pie 13 years ago come next month. At the time, as well as having a shop in St Ives, I also had a tiny shop in the Oxford Covered Market.

The first flavour I made was Nut which I wrapped in grease proof tied with a ribbon – not very effective in a time and motion sense, but it looked nice! I left the first dozen pies with the person who ran the shop and I had not reached the Oxford ring road on my way back to Cornwall, when she called me to say she had run out of stock.

From then it was a battle to provide her with enough pies. The vast majority of her customers where students, preparing for Finals or end of year exams. They reported that the pies gave them an energy boost and also made them feel more positive about the prospect of the exams ahead.

Studying the benefits of chocolate, particularly when raw, I began to realise the extent to which it boosts mood, energy and brain function. It is a non-addictive stimulant, reducing depression and lethargy and improving memory. No wonder the students were buying Raw Chocolate Pie in such quantities.

So, in these difficult times, I feel that anything which makes us feel more cheerful has to be a good thing. I am therefore continuing the 20% discount for as long as I possibly can to make Raw Chocolate Pie as affordable as possible. I am sorry only the 60g pies are available but with no staff, this is all I can manage. However, 60g does go a long way. Keep your pies in the fridge and just chop off a small piece whenever you feel the need.

Stay safe and thank you so much for your support.