April Update 3

Dear Customers,

A little bit of good news from The Raw Chocolate Pie Company. As I have mentioned, I had to furlough my staff mainly because, almost overnight, the bottom fell out of our wholesale trade. However, my younger daughter Edita, (known as Deets) and I are part of the same household and so there is no reason why we should not work together. More importantly, for six years now, Deets has been The Raw Chocolate Pie Company’s chief chocolate and fudge maker!

So, as of today, Deets is no longer furloughed and back to full time work and this has been possible because of YOU. Your support, encouragement and wonderful orders over the last few weeks have been phenomenal and quite frankly, I truly believe you have almost certainly saved the business. We now have one or two wholesale customers coming back and if we are very, very careful I think we can pull through this terrible time. I am hoping we are taking the first tiny steps towards welcoming back the rest of the staff – what a day that will be!

Keeping on the 20% discount is the very least I can do by way of a thank you. Also from today, through to next Monday, there will be a free gift with every order – nothing amazing, just a little something extra to show my appreciation.

Please take great care of yourselves.