April Update 4

Dear Customers,

Last week was pretty awful, wasn’t it, with no obvious light at the end of the tunnel, as yet?

For light relief, I thought I would tell you about Trencrom Hill, which is only a few hundred yards from The Raw Chocolate Pie kitchen. Many of you may be familiar with the Hill. From the top, you can see both coasts – Mounts Bay from Lizard Point round to Mousehole and if you reach the summit just after dawn, St Michael’s Mount is dramatically backlit by the rising sun. Turn your back on Mounts Bay and there is St Ives Bay, Godrevy Lighthouse and a view of the coast as far as Padstow. It is breath taking. I take my dogs up there every morning and it always raises the spirits, even on a wet, muddy November day.

Trencrom Hill is the site of an Iron Age fort and you can still make out the ancient fortifications and discover the wells where water was drawn. As you see from the photograph below, the hill is dotted with huge boulders. Being Cornwall, of course, legend has a completely different take on the history of the Hill. The story is the boulders are there as the result of two giants having a fight over a lady. The giant on St Michael’s Mount hurled rocks at the giant on Trencrom hill, and vice versa, and sadly in the fight, the poor giantess was killed. When meeting visitors on the Hill, who ask about its history, I am always tempted to go with the giant story!

So, to Raw Chocolate Pie. My daughter, Deets, has now been back at work for a week and what a difference she has made. We are working long hours but we are really making progress towards rebuilding stock and it is lovely to have her company rather than working alone.

Bearing in mind that Raw Chocolate, in particular, cheers us all up, I am continuing the 20% discount for one more week, up to and including Monday, 4th May. Reluctantly, I will then have to reduce the discount because margins are terribly tight but I am looking at putting together a Lock Down Pack of your favourites at a significantly reduced price. I am very aware that we all need to be careful with money at the moment.

Thank you again for all your support and please stay safe.

Debby x