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Dear Customers,

My first boss was a man named Tom Parker. He was a Sales Director of Associated British Foods and had a dingy office in the Corn Exchange in the City of London, just a hop, skip and a jump from The Tower of London. Tom was a passionate believer in helping young people establish a career.  I was only 19 when I joined him but right from the beginning he said, “take as much responsibility as you like.  Make a mistake once and I will back you to the hilt, make the same mistake twice and it’s off to the Tower with you.”  Of course, I made the same mistake twice on several occasions, his bark was awful to behold but he never bit!

I am worrying so much about the young today, unable to plan for the future, with the job market shrinking before our eyes. A good mentor is such a help, not only did Tom teach me about sales and marketing, he gave me confidence. After leaving him, shortly after my first daughter was born, I set up a childrens’ clothes business called Tartan Cottage, which ultimately I sold to Damart. Halzephorn Herb Farm followed and now, of course, The Raw Chocolate Pie Company. He taught me to see every problem as an opportunity and I suppose this is what we all need to do now, to think outside the box, to be flexible.

When this pandemic is over, or at least under control, I am not going to open another shop or even attend shows and festivals.  I am going to try and give you the shop experience online.  To start with, from now on with every order you place, you will receive samples of flavours you haven’t ordered.  Being able to sample has always been a big feature of the business and that shouldn’t stop now.

samples ready to come out to you

I am going to try and develop the blog to include recipes, nutritional advice and ideas as to how to use our raw chocolate, fudge and superfoods and I would so appreciate any ideas you have for developing the site.

Tom has been dead for many years now, but I hope he realised how much I valued his advice and the fact is, I am still following it to this day. 

Take care,