Free Mung Beans

Dear Customers.

I think the most fundamental cornerstone of my working life has been the study and supply of FOOD AS MEDICINE.  The old adage that “we are what we eat” is so true.

For me, it began with herbs, not just herbs for cooking but herbal medicine and the realisation that herbs have been healing mankind in their gentle, non intrusive way for so many centuries. The journey’s end is Raw Chocolate Pie and learning about the extraordinary health benefits of raw cacao, when most of us were raised to believe that chocolate was “naughty”, or at the very least a special treat.  Yet the Aztecs, who knew a thing or two, used raw cacao as their currency, it was so highly prized.

In between these two discoveries, I learnt about sprouting seeds and beans. Somewhere along the evolutionary path, we took a wrong turning.  Grains are the staple diet of the world but because they are indigestible raw, we cook them and this in turn destroys all the plant enzymes.  But sprout the seed or bean and at the point of germination, a miracle happens. The result is a baby plant which contains the perfect nutritional mix to sustain itself.  Not only is the sprouted bean or seed suddenly digestible and nutritious, it is also very tasty.

So, for the next week, I am enclosing FREE with every order a 200g pack of Mung Beans, complete with sprouting instructions for which you need no special equipment. Sprouted mung beans taste like young peas straight from the pod, children love them and will love growing them.  Sprouted mung beans are a blood and liver cleanser, aid the lowering of cholesterol and blood pressure. They are rich in vitamins and minerals and a real energy boost. They are the perfect way to start sprouting, they are so quick and easy. I do hope you enjoy them.

Our 10% discount continues.

Take care,