Full House Special Offer

Trencrom Hill, home of Raw Chocolate Pie, is, as I have mentioned an ancient site, an iron age fort and before that settlements going right back to Neolithic man. There is also a ley line running across the Hill so it is not surprising that it is a place where various ancient festivals are celebrated throughout the year.  Whether followers of any religion, or none, people can often be found, usually at dawn, doing something they believe in, whether it be religious, zen yoga or following some ancient traditions and folklore.  On Easter Sunday this year, just when we were heading into our darkest period of the virus, as dawn broke, the dogs and I stumbled upon a complete orchestra and choir singing hymns right on top of the hill. It was amazing. This weekend, of course, it was the Summer Solstice, the longest day, a celebration of the sun and Summer, marked not just in Western Europe but across the world, ancient and modern and, one likes to imagine, by the Neolithic men and women of Trencrom Hill.

This festival, plus the fact, that at any rate for the time being, we seem to have turned the corner so far as this awful virus is concerned, made Deets and I think we should do something special.  Every year on Black Friday, we do an offer called The Full House which is our 12 Raw Chocolate pies in a gift box. This would normally cost £27 but we reduce it to just £17. 

‘The Full House’

It is always a big success and we suddenly thought, as it has been a rough period for us all, why not run the offer now, after all we do have something to celebrate, however cautiously.  The offer runs from today until the end of June and does not interfere with the 10% discount which continues on the rest of our range for as long as we can.

I have a particular soft spot for these seasonal festivals.  Deets was born on 21st March, the first day of Spring.

Take care,