House Martins and Greedy Babies

Dear Customers,

Chycoggan is the name of the converted barn which is home to Deets and I  and were we work.  The ground floor of the barn houses the office and dispatch, Deets has her own separate building across a courtyard which is the kitchen where Raw Chocolate Pie and Raw Fudge are made.

Chycoggan means “House Martins’ House” in Cornish and house martins obligingly nest in the walls every year to give the name authenticity. This year, there is a nest just above the window by my desk from where I dispatch your orders.  Initially, the chirping of the baby birds was delightful but as they became more raucous, I counted six extremely fat babies constantly demanding food while their poor mother was looking alarmingly thin and was frankly run ragged.  I had already put out water for her, given the heat of the last few weeks.  I then added bread and chopped up fruit (the spoilt babies, of course, love blueberries – they could have gone for something cheaper!). 

All went well for a week until some magpies found the stash of food so I have had to remove it, the thugs have actually broken the water bowl. So back to square one except at least Mother has had a week’s relative rest. The greedy babies are fatter than ever with no sign of feathering up.  Why should they bother learning to fly the nest when they are being waited on wing and claw.  It is all very distracting. 
However, despite my concerns, orders are bang up to date and after a tricky time at the beginning of lockdown, Royal Mail now seem to be coping well. We send everything 24 hour tracked so you should receive your orders within 2 days,

I will continue with the 10% discount for as long as I can.  Do take a look at the Gifts & Offers page where there are some really serious savings to be had, particularly bearing in mind Fathers’ Day coming up on 21st June.  I have to say Father house martin is not setting a very good example as to how dads should behave. He is nowhere to be seen!

Thanks as always for your support and take care.