Nominate Your Lockdown Hero

Dear Customers,

Like all of us, I know being a carer is a very special profession. However, it was not until my husband, Alan, became terminally ill two years ago, I realised just how special.  Mandy or Kathryn came in twice a day to help with his care. They were kind, efficient, practical, knowledgeable and the greatest fun. Most importantly, Alan loved them but so did I, my grownup children, the dogs and even the parrot who very quickly learnt to mimic them, causing much hilarity!  We still keep in touch.

The lockdown has been difficult for everyone to a greater or lesser degree but over and over again, we hear how it has brought families, neighbours and communities together, which gave me the following idea.

Do you have a Lockdown Hero, someone who went the extra mile in this very difficult time?  It does not need to be a key worker – it could be family, friends, a work colleague, the random kindness of a virtual stranger.   If so, and you place an order with us during the next seven days, we will send a Pocket Pie to your nominated Lockdown Hero as a thank you present, completely FREE OF CHARGE.

How it works is just fill out the order form as normal and in the box named “Instructions” on the form, add the name and address of your nominee. I will then send them a Pocket Pie with the enclosed note below.  

Unless you state otherwise, I will send the Madly Mandarin Pocket Pie as this is the most popular, but if you would prefer an alternative, I will try to meet your request.

Sending out samples with your orders of flavours you may not have tried is proving very popular.  We will keep this going and the 10% discount for as long as we can.

I’m going to send Mandy and Kathryn a Pocket Pie too.

Take care,