Pocket Pie is Back

Dear Customers,

This week I have come to the definite conclusion that anyone running a business should not ask their staff to do any job which they haven’t tried to do themselves.  Such a move would guarantee a much greater appreciation of their workforce.

What brought this on? Well, it is the result of bringing back Pocket Pie.  It is absolutely no problem at all for Deets to make it – she is our champion chocolate maker.   The drama is the wrapping because Pocket Pie is a hand wrapped product and you can guess who’s doing it!  Our best wrappers Donna and Sophie (who are still on furlough) can wrap 100 Pocket Pies an hour – no problem! Me – the record so far is 48 in an hour, which Donna kindly said on the phone the other day was a good start for a beginner.  I do believe I have always appreciated their skills, now there is no chance of ever taking them for granted.  

Early this morning, I left Trencrom for the first time in nearly 10 weeks, met a friend (social distanced) and we walked my dogs on Porth Kidney, accompanied by 2 Pocket Pies to keep us going.

“Early morning on Porth Kidney beach with St Ives in the background”

Pocket Pie is ideal this weather because it does not need to be kept refrigerated.  It has all the same benefits as our standard range – vegan, therefore dairy free, also gluten free, soya free, no added refined sugar and low in carbs.  It is a real energy boost to take on a run/walk/bike ride.

Having said that, try putting Raw Chocolate Pie and Fudge in the freezer for half an hour. They come out like a chocolate/fudge ice lolly, and without any dairy, there is none of that cloying taste of standard chocolate  which is not so good in hot weather.

Well, enough from me, back to the wrapping.

Stay safe, thanks for all your kind messages which really keep me and Deets going.