Samples By Post

Dear Customers,

Aside from our family and friends, what has kept Deets and I going over the last three months has been the wonderful orders and kind comments from so many of you….and after that, of course, it has been our dogs! The loyalty, the unconditional love, the fact that they have to be exercised, come rain or shine, and the cuddles at a time when there is no one else you are allowed to hug…what would we do without them? 

So here we are, Deets and her dalmatian/collie cross, Zac (aged 10), me with jack russell Spud (aged 5) and whippet/bedlington terrier/deerhound cross Lupin (aged 6).

Deets acquired Zac from a farm on Bodmin Moor when her brothers went off to University and she was still living a home.  He has been a constant companion to her ever since.  A bit of a bull in a china shop is Zac but there is not a mean bone in his body.  Lupin joined the family at a time when I had no other dogs.  I was working hard and travelling quite a bit and I decided she was needy…. hence the arrival of Spud. How wrong was I.  Lupin settled down to become a very laidback character, while Spud, of course, being a jack russell, has attitude and never lets me out of his sight.

So back to Raw Chocolate Pie.  Our offer of The Full House for just £17 (a saving of £10) continues up to and including 1st July.  It is a great offer and makes a lovely gift.  I have been thinking about how to give you more of the experience you would have had in our shop.  As a trial, I am going to add to your orders some bite sized samples of pie flavours which I think you may not have tried before.  With food in particular, tastes vary so much, so I thought trying before buying might be a good idea.  I would really appreciate your feedback on this.

Take care,