The Joys of Sea Swimming - Free Goji Pie

Dear Customers,

My mother was Cornish and my father was largely brought up in Blakeney, on the North Norfolk coast.  This meant our Summer holidays were either spent on the North East or South West coasts – quite a contrast. In Norfolk I learnt to sail and row little flat-bottomed boats which could skim over the mud flats in just a few inches of water.  In Cornwall, I learnt to body board and discovered the joys of a proper pasty.  In both places, I also learnt to love swimming in the sea....and still do, not in a wetsuit, mind, that would be cheating!

My favourite spot for swimming in St Ives is Bamaluz Beach.  It is a funny little rocky beach at the far end of town. The ideal time to swim is when the tide is either half in or half out when you can go into deep water very quickly with no time to chicken out.

Last Friday morning at Bamaluz

It is a dog friendly beach, too, though Spud, my jack russell, really does not enjoy it.  He will not go in water above the knees, which in his case is about 3 inches off the ground! After the initial shock of cold water, I find there is nothing so soothing as a swim in the sea, troubles seem to fade away and I always come out invigorated and ready to face the day.  And then what?  Sitting on a rock with a coffee and a piece of Goji & Pumpkin Raw Chocolate Pie, of course.

Goji pie at Trencrom

Goji & Pumpkin pie is the ideal snack after exercise.  Goji Berries are a real energy boost and the pumpkin seeds make this pie particularly high in protein. So, to celebrate the Summer ahead, I am going to include a free Goji & Pumpkin Pie with every order from now until Sunday next, the 26th.

Also, to all orders, I will continue to add samples of flavours I think you may not have tried in order to recreate the shop experience.  AND THE 10% DISCOUNT ON ALL ONLINE SALES CONTINUES.

Take great care,