Celebrating Pearl's 4th Birthday

Dear Customers,

I feel confident in saying that I think those of you who have been involved in the running of a small business will agree that it is not easy!  Of course, it is absorbing, stimulating, exciting and often fun but interspersing all that are serious dollops of terror.

My most terrifying Raw Chocolate Pie decision was the purchase four years ago of “Pearl”, our wrapping machine.  Pearl (so named because she is completely precious) was eye wateringly expensive, as was the wrapping material needed to wrap our 10 varieties of Raw Chocolate and 6 Raw Fudges.

Deets and I travelled to Leeds to find the right machine and see it in operation wrapping our pies.  It looked so easy on the factory floor of the manufacturers.  The first hurdle was actually getting Pearl into the shed we had built for her. Our farmer neighbour lifted her over the fence on a forklift, I couldn’t look!

The arrival of Pearl

None of us had ever operated machinery of this sort before and there was a great deal of trial, error and bad language in order to get Pearl set up. Now however, four years on almost to the day, Pearl has saved us.  By restricting our products to largely machine wrapped, Deets and I have been able to keep the business going.  Hand wrapping by the best wrappers clocks up 100 pies an hour, Pearl does 60 pies a minute.

The very first Raw Chocolate Pie I made was NUT. You will see below how I started wrapping the pie and how Pearl does it now.  Quite a contrast!

To celebrate Pearl’s 4th birthday, for one week from today, I will include a free Nut Pie with every order as well as samples of pies you may not have tried and 10% discount continues.

I have made plenty of stupid decisions in my working life but Pearl wasn’t one of them.

Take care,