Granny Ada, hating fudge, Nelson & a free Raw Combo Pie

Dear Customers,

My father's mother, Granny Ada to me, was a thief on a massive scale!  She had green fingers and could grow anything and everything.  Wherever she went, she kept in an extremely large handbag a little velvet drawstring purse. Inside was a tiny pair of scissors with mother of pearl handles. These where the tools of her trade, she took tiny cuttings of every plant which interested her, and most did. I remember a day out with her at Kew Gardens, you can imagine what went on.  I was old enough to be very embarrassed and frightened she would get caught. She didn't, of course, she never did, she was a pro.

Granny Ada with a pigeon friend.

Granny Ada grew up in Blakeney, on the North Norfolk coast. Her father, Giles, was a sea captain, regularly crossing the Atlantic.  When Giles was a little boy, he and his father rode together to Burnham Thorpe, a nearby village.  They joined the villagers, Giles was lifted onto his father's shoulders and they watched Admiral Lord Nelson leave his home for what turned out to be the last time, his destination - Trafalgar.  So, I knew someone, who knew someone, who waved Nelson off to Trafalgar. It is interesting how, through a family tree, great events in history seem so close.

Sorry, I have drifted off the point, which is that every time we met, Granny Ada gave me a box of fudge, which I absolutely hated - too sweet, too cloying and I didn't like the texture. Luckily, Granny Ada did and so used to eat most of the box.  However, when it was suggested to me that as a Cornish business, we should really be producing a vegan, gluten free fudge, I was sufficiently scarred that at first I resisted.  However, the temptation became overwhelming to try and produce a fudge which was not only a dairy free, gluten free, with no added refined sugar but also one which I would actually like.  It was not easy, particularly as the added requirement was to use raw ingredients.  We got there in the end, I really like it and now our sales of Raw Fudge rival Raw Chocolate Pie.

So, in honour of those of you who, like me, are not natural fudge eaters, I am including a free Raw Combo Pie with every order from now until Sunday next, 16th August.

Raw Combo Pie is half Naked Raw Chocolate and half Raw Vanilla Fudge, so I am easing you in gently to fudge eating!  If you would prefer your free pie to be Peanut Combo, just say so under "instructions" on the order form.

Free samples of flavours you may not have tried will continue with every order and I am hanging on to the 10% discount for the time being.
I should really have named one of our fudges after Granny Ada.  Maybe I will.

Take care,