Raw Hot Choc Bomb With Every Order

Dear Customers,

I am really spoilt for choice with the marvellous ideas you sent me a couple of weeks ago.  What I am going to try to do is to make up samples of various of your suggestions and send them out to you when you place an order.

Overwhelmingly, what many of you requested was a raw hot chocolate so that is where I have started.  With every order placed in the coming week, I will send out a free sample of a proposed RAW HOT CHOC BOMB with full instructions.  We have tried it with various milks.  It is great with cow's milk but Deets and my favourite is putting the Bomb into oat milk.  For children, almond milk is good as it is sweeter without the need for sugar.

Bertie checking out the Raw Hot Choc Bomb

Bertie may need little introduction to many of you.  He is our very favourite and very best professional model.  He first modelled for us in an O2 promotion for Easter 2018.  The location for the shoot was the sand dunes above Porth Kidney Beach.  It was blowing a minor but spiteful gale, spitting with rain, freezing, Bertie had just had a long day at school and he was only three.  The light was awful so it was not a quick process but through it all Bertie smiled and remained jolly and positive while the rest of us were miserable and shivering!  He is complete star and as you can see he loves the proposed RAW HOT CHOC BOMB!

So, it is your turn now – please let me know what you think of the Bomb and if you like it, I will have a double pack for sale on the website by next weekend.

I am continuing with the free samples with every order of flavours you may not have tried.  You have given me some lovely feedback on this.  By sending you samples and involving you in the decisions as to what we should be selling, I hope we are creating the nearest we can get to the shop experience and hopefully a real feeling of customer involvement.  With just Deets and me running the business at the moment, it is so helpful to have you looking at the range with a fresh pair of eyes, so thank you for all your help.

Please take the greatest care,

PS The St Ives mug Bertie used for his raw hot chocolate came from his mum's and aunts' shop – website www.thestivesco.co.uk