Free Hot Choc Bomb With Every Order

Dear Customers,

Deets leads a double life.  Entirely unaided, she makes approximately 3,000 Raw Chocolate Pie and Raw Fudge per week. No small achievement in itself but when an ear splitting alarm goes off on her phone, she drops everything, races to her car and becomes a coastguard.

From when she was very small, she has been an outdoor girl.  Those of you who remember Halzephron Herb Farm might also remember Deets, always out on the headland playing with the ponies, goats, sheep, hens and ducks we kept in our small animal farm. Like many of the young people who live in St Ives, she trained in catering, first at Blas Burgerworks and then Halsetown Inn before joining me and taking over production.  She is very good at her job and loves it but ask who she really is and I think first and last being a coastguard is enormously important to her.

Deets the coastguard

Of course, she always gets a call when we are at our most busy, shouting at me to take over as she rushes past.  She also maintains that if she plans an early night, no sooner has she got into her pyjamas and made a cup of tea than off goes the alarm! When she returns from a call out, I am always very relieved to see her back in one piece and, as you can imagine, I am enormously proud of her.

This week with every order placed, you will be getting loads of free stuff.  You will receive a sample of the Raw Hot Choc Bomb I mentioned last week, also made by Deets in her spare time!

A free Raw Hot Choc Bomb with every order

And also samples of flavours of Raw Chocolate and Raw Fudge which you may not have already tried.

Have a good week, stay safe.