Free Naked Pie and Combo Peanut Pie with Every Order

Dear Customers,

Our top selling pie is Pink Himalayan Salt, in fact sales have always been massively ahead of all the other flavours.  As well as being a pie in its own right, Pink Himalayan Salt also puts in an appearance in the Peanut Combo Pie, which is half Peanut Butter Fudge and half Pink Himalayan Salt.

It has been a pretty miserable week for all of us, one way and another, so Deets and I thought it would be good to offer you a cheering gift since you are so very kind to us.

Pink Himalayan Salt and Peanut Combo free with every order for just one week.

So, for one week from today, with every order you place, regardless of its value, you will receive the above two pies, worth £5, absolutely free of charge.  Remember, though, if you spend £20, postage and packing is free too!  Also, with every order you will continue to receive samples of flavours you may not have tried but I am going to have to stop this offer next week until nearer Christmas.

What an extraordinary little island we live in.  At the beginning of the week we had all the doors and windows open, I had to put chill packs in the chocolate parcels I sent out and the dogs needed a hose down after their walk because they were so hot.

Lupin is very pleased to have the log burner going again. That is supposed to be my chair.

By last night, I had to light the log burner because it was so cold – we don’t run to central heating.  As you can see, Lupin my lurcher absolutely hated the idea! The Brits always get accused of being obsessed by the weather – small wonder. A friend of mine from Oxford visited Cornwall for the first time last Autumn. Being a very thin strip of land between two coasts does make West Cornwall a trifle volatile.  After a day down here she said – “It’s extraordinary, you have all four seasons in a single day”. I couldn’t disagree.

Please take care.