Free Fireside Companions Pack

Dear Customers,

The dogs and I love Trencrom Woods, which lie at the base of the Hill on the far side from the Raw Chocolate Pie kitchen. The dogs’ enthusiasm for the woods can be summed up in a single word – squirrels. They run in mad,  fruitless circles watched on, I am sure, with much amusement by the squirrels. They are hopeless hunters, thankfully. I love the woods because they are so peaceful, despite the squirrel hunting, a perfect place to be before the start of another mad day. There is something very reassuring about trees.

Autumn coming to Trencrom Woods

In Spring, the floor of the woods is covered in bluebells, in Summer the leaves are so dense, they turn it into a ‘deep, dark wood’ with hardly a glimpse of the sky. Now, in Autumn the floor is carpeted in leaves and we can see the sky again.

By the time I got back from our walk yesterday evening, it was virtually dark and very cold and this gave me the idea of a FIRESIDE COMPANIONS PACK. A cup of hot raw chocolate and a chilli pie seemed the perfect answer, so here it is:

FREE “Fireside Companions” Pack

WITH EVERY ORDER PLACED BETWEEN NOW AND NEXT SUNDAY YOU WILL RECEIVE A FREE “FIRESIDE COMPANIONS” PACK and believe me, they really are perfect companions – I know because I have tried (more than once)!

Grim times are here again but remember chocolate, particularly raw chocolate, lifts the spirits and boosts energy and like trees, it is very comforting.

Please stay safe,