10% discount and free wonky pie with every order

Dear Customers,

It has been a weird and beastly week and if anyone mentions the word “unprecedented” one more time, I shall not be responsible for my actions. So, while keeping cheerful is currently not easy, don’t forget the two particularly relevant properties of raw chocolate – it contains powerful antioxidants and also boosts mood and brain function, reducing depression and lethargy…..and it is much more fun and tasty than traditional medicine!

The most cheerful thing I can think of doing is to offer you a 10% discount again, starting right now and ending on Sunday next, 1st November.  In addition, we will continue with a free Wonky Pie with every order for another week.  (For those of you who missed last week’s email, a Wonky Pie is an untidily wrapped pie caused by our wrapping machine going temporarily haywire but the pie itself is perfect).

Wonky Pies with the compliments of Pearl, the wrapping machine!

We do have some good news. As you know, since March, my daughter Deets and I have been battling away on our own to keep the business going. As from 1st November, Donna is coming back to join us, only for a day a week to start with but it feels like we are moving in the right direction at last.  Donna and I started working together when she was 15 and I hope she won’t mind me saying that was over two decades ago, so you can imagine she is very much part of the family.

Porth Kidney beach

This random photograph of Porth Kidney, where I walk the dogs, was taken last Summer. It is such a beautiful place.  I suppose I have just added it to this email to remind us all that Spring and Summer will be round again, and things will be better.

Take care,