Christmas & George the Cactus

Dear Customers,

I have been rather slow this year putting up the Christmas page on the website. This is due, partly because with just Deets and me working, there are not many free hours in the day but also, I suppose, because of the uncertainty surrounding Christmas.  Still, the page is up now and I do hope you will like it.  I am particularly pleased with this year’s Christmas hamper  - see below

The Christmas Hamper

All our raw chocolate and raw fudge have a sell by date of at least until April, 2021 so are perfect for Christmas ordering.  If you are sending a gift direct to family or friends, do include on the order form a greetings message which I will transfer on to a Christmas card to include with the gift. If you want to order now for delivery nearer Christmas, that’s fine too – just give us a preferred delivery date.

We have had a strange tradition in our house for many years.  Instead of a Christmas tree, we decorate George the cactus with lights, baubles, the works, even the Bethlehem star.  I bought George from the flower tent at Thame Agricultural Show when I was 4 years old and we have been together ever since until he sadly died.  He was about 3 inches tall when I bought him and he grew to be over 9 feet.  He particularly enjoyed the conservatory at Halzephron Herb Farm and some of you may remember our shop on the corner by Smeaton’s Pier in St Ives.  He had pride of place there and I swear loved the attention.


So Christmas 2019 was George’s last.  I am not sure why he died, old age maybe.  We have taken at least 100 cuttings over the years and I have three remaining “sons of George”, none quite large enough yet to double as a Christmas tree. It looks like I will have to bow to convention and buy one!

All orders will continue to receive a free Wonky Pie and I am going to start again slipping into each order the occasional sample of a flavour you may not have tried.

Take care,