Friendship and Gift Boxes

Dear Customers,

Just after my 10th birthday, my well-meaning parents sent me off to boarding school in Kent.  It was fairly grim – Army surplus beds, no hot running water and ghastly food. The saving grace was meeting Di, another bewildered 10 year old, and forming what was to become a lifelong friendship. There have been years when we have seen very little of each other – marriage, children, work getting in the way – but every year we meet on 7th November and sink a few wines! The significance of the date is because it was my Mother’s birthday. When she was alive (and she lived to be 100), she would join us and we would toast all four parents who, over the years, had become friends too.  In fact, much to our fury, they used to go on jolly holidays together while we were left incarcerated in our ghastly school.  

In recent years, Di has helped me sell Raw Chocolate Pie at shows and festivals all over the country, at Olympia, Royal Cornwall Show, Abergavenny Food Festival, Macmillan and many other vegan and food festivals. 

Di at The Royal Cornwall Show 2018

This year, of course, there have been no shows and equally, yesterday, we were not able to meet for our annual toast to our parents, the first time we have missed the date in decades.  But the wonderful thing about true friendship – it endures, no matter what. With this in mind, I have been very struck this last week by the number of gift boxes – particularly The Lockdown Box and The Vegan November Box which you have sent out to friends and family. We don’t have to meet to show our feelings

The Lockdown Box (on the left) and The Vegan November Box

Both boxes offer a significant saving so, in difficult times, you could just treat yourself, I am sure you deserve it!

The free Wonky Pie continues to go out with every order (the pie is perfect, it is just that the wrapping machine has wrapped it untidily.)

Take care,