January Competition

Dear Customers,

A bit of fun for the New Year.  Can you guess which flavour of Raw Chocolate Pie is our top seller?  The first six correct answers will be rewarded with a prize of The Vegan Celebration Box.  Just email me to rawchocpie@gmail.com with your suggestion.  No clues, but it may not be the most obvious choice!

The Vegan Celebration Box which will go to the first six people who make the correct guess.

Deets and I have kept the range of Raw Chocolate Pie and Fudge very simple this year for obvious reasons.  However, on seeking your advice about the range, many of you asked for a raw hot chocolate.  We therefore introduced this Autumn, the Raw Hot Choc Bombs which have proved incredibly popular.  Two things – firstly, thank you for a great idea and secondly, one of our customers suggested putting the “Bomb” in a black coffee to make a mocha.  I have just tried it and she is absolutely right, it is delicious. Thank you, Elaine.  You can find the Bombs on the Gifts & Offers page.   

New Year’s Day sunrise on Trencrom Hill

On New Year’s Day, I took the dogs up Trencrom Hill at dawn. It was a stunning morning and the photograph above does not do it justice – the sun was rising on one side and the moon riding high on the other – marvellous.  Still, it provides the excuse to send you best wishes for the New Year.  The other day, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was on television again, and I always love this quote from the film – “Everything will be alright in the end and if it’s not alright, it’s not the end”.  I think I shall hold on to that thought for the next few months.

Take care,