Vegan Celebration Box

Dear Customers,

To celebrate the fact that November was Vegan month, I introduced the Vegan November Box which has proved extremely popular.  So, now we are in December, I have renamed it The Vegan Celebration Box and you can find it on our Christmas and Gifts pages.  It is very good value at just £10 and if you buy two it means that postage is FREE.

The Vegan Celebration Box £10

It contains our most popular Winter pies – Festive (of course), Date & Walnut, Ginger, Naked Combo, Very Berry Pocket Pie and our new Raw Hot Choc Bomb for making a most delicious hot chocolate…and, of course, you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy it!

When our children were very small, a neighbour made us a wooden advent calendar. It shows my elder daughter, Lucy and sons, Michael and Charlie, standing by our local church which is in the middle of a field.  There is no Deets because she was yet to be born. 

Our long suffering advent calendar

All through their childhood as soon as the advent calendar went up there was considerable competition as to who would open which window. It means a great deal to me because the children absolutely loved it (and still do) even though it contained no treats.  I also consider it to be one of the true miracles of Christmas in that after 28 years and several house moves, I still have all the pieces!

A free Wonky Pie will continue to be added to every order.

Best wishes,