World Vegan Day 2020

Dear Customers,

Today is World Vegan Day, the beginning of November which heralds a month of vegan celebrations. I think we are all aware that veganism is a growing phenomena and it is reckoned by the end of 2020, at least two million people in the UK will be vegan.  To celebrate, I am introducing “THE VEGAN NOVEMBER BOX”. It costs £10 which represents a saving of nearly £3 on normal prices and it contains : 1 Festive Pie, 1 Ginger Pie, 1 Date & Walnut Pie, 1 Naked Combo Pie, 1 Very Berry Pocket Pie and 1 Raw Hot Choc Bomb - all vegan, of course! 

The Vegan November Box

The sell by date on all products is now into April 2021 so this would make a great Christmas present.  Having said that, I am hoping you will buy one for a friend, then eat it and then have to start all over again!

One of the problems with becoming a vegan is absorbing enough protein. My younger son, Charlie, with rather unfortunate timing, decided to become a vegan when he started at university. Within weeks, he looked very pale and wan. I dashed up to Bath with a sprouting kit and some seeds and beans for sprouting and he was back on track in a couple of weeks.  Aduki Beans, in particular, contain more protein, pound for pound, than a filet steak. (See our website page on Sprouting).

Making vegan chocolate and fudge in rural West Cornwall means that my neighbours are all farmers so you would think they would disapprove of what we do.  Actually, quite the contrary, a number of them are regular customers and our nearest farm actually sells Raw Chocolate Pie and Fudge from their dairy.

A welcome visitor to our back door

To prove the point, this is a recent visitor to our back door! We are all very friendly and although our products are vegan, most people buy them because they like them!

Free Wonky Pies continue with every order.

Stay safe and thank you so much for your continued support.