Wonky Pies Galore

Dear Customers,

With so few shops open, we have a serious stock of Wonky Pies.  Why?      
Well, when Pearl, our wrapping machine, is careless, normally the resultant poorly wrapped pies are chopped up and go to our wholesale customers.  Not now though, so stock is building.

A free Wonky Pie with every order and two if you spend £20 or more.

Therefore, for this week only from today, not only will a free Wonky Pie be included in every order but also TWO FREE WONKY PIES will be included in every order of £20 or more….and remember orders of £20 or more are POSTAGE FREE and the Pies themselves are perfect, it is just the wrapping which is wonky.

My alarm goes off at 5.00 am every morning and by the time I stop work and have something to eat, it is usually about 8.30 pm. I then light the fire and the dogs and I collapse in front of it and the tele.  It is not a successful move – I either get fidgety because I am not good at doing nothing or I fall asleep.  So, to keep myself awake and occupied, I have bought some big needles and thick wool to make some throws for my rather dilapidated chairs.  I was pleased with my industry until I spied this tapestry which I have known all my life and which now hangs on my sitting room wall.

An extraordinary tapestry.

My grandmother (not Ada, the plant cuttings thief), my maternal grandmother, Granny Lou, lost her parents as a very small child and was brought up by her aunt.  This tapestry was stitched by Aunt when she was just 12 years old. It is quite extraordinary that a child of that age could manage such intricate work, the stitching is tiny and so detailed.  The year you can see is 1855.  Could a child of today do such a thing, I wonder, and that is not intended as a criticism – my clumsy attempt at making a throw would not have made my Great Great Aunt proud, I judge!

Take care,