Mothers Day

Dear Customers,

There must be mothers all over the country – come to that, all over the world – who have not seen their grownup children for months. I am very lucky to work alongside my youngest daughter, Deets and I saw one of my sons, Charlie, at Christmas. However, my son, Michael and my eldest daughter, Lucy, who is a doctor, I have not seen since August. It's tough, isn't it?

Therefore, on a practical note, we have decided this year to make up a really lovely hamper for Mother's Day – something we have never done before. 


The sturdy wicker hamper is a really useful gift in its own right but just look what it contains: Very Berry Pocket Pie, Madly Mandarin Pocket Pie, a pack of 2 Raw Hot Choc Bombs, 4 Raw Chocolate Pies – Himalayan Salt, Festive, Goji and Coffee, plus a Salted Caramel Raw Fudge. AND POSTAGE IS FREE.

The Valentine's Day Tub of Hearts proved so popular that we have brought it back for Mother's Day. 

Mother's Day Tub of Hearts 12 x 12g for £5

And if you are sending your gift direct, do please include a message and I will add it to a lovely Cornish card.

My own mother was born right at the beginning of the First World War and lived to be a hundred.  Right up until her death, she had this very clear memory of when she was 4 years old, standing beside her own mother in the kitchen while she kneaded a suet pudding on a chopping board.  Suddenly a siren sounded and my grandmother handed my mother a little union jack to wave. They went out onto the street – it was the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month  - the War was over.  You will see in the photograph above that The Mother's Day Hamper is standing on a chopping board – it is the same one.

Free Wonky Pies continue with every order – one with orders under £20 and two with orders of £20 or more.

Take care,