Just 2 weeks until Mothers Day

Dear Customers,

With Mother’s Day approaching, just a reminder that we have two specific Mother’s Day gifts on the website – a lovely wicker hamper, stuffed with goodies for £20 (which means FREE postage) and a tub of Happy Hearts, Pocket Pie Mandarin orange flavour, for just £5.

Mother’s Day goodies

Also, if you look on our Gifts & Offers page, you will see a range of boxed gifts which would be equally suitable for Mother’s Day and all of them are discounted on the normal Pie prices.  If you are sending your gift direct to the recipient, do please include a message on the order form and I will transfer it onto a gift card to send with your order.

Our infamous wrapping machine, Pearl, caused trouble even before she arrived.  Such was her size and splendour, she required her own special workshop.  A lovely builder, named Ray, came to build it.  I live in a converted barn and my sitting room is on the first floor.  Along one wall, there is a pair of French windows which at the time lead nowhere, except to certain death if you were foolish enough to open them.  My husband was very frail at the time with Parkinson’s and I mentioned to Ray that it was my dream to build a balcony, accessible from the French windows so that my husband could have fresh air without having to negotiate any stairs.  “We’ll do it now,” said Ray.  “I can’t afford it,” I replied.  Ray took no notice and built the balcony above Pearl’s workshop and this is the view from it, taken yesterday afternoon.

The view from my balcony

My husband absolutely loved the balcony and had two Summers to enjoy it before he died.  As for Ray’s bill, it was no larger than his original quote.  When I queried this and said he hadn’t charged enough, he denied everything and said I hadn’t been listening properly – so very kind.

Thanks to Pearl’s occasional bad behaviour, free Wonky Pies continue with every order – one with orders under £20, two with orders of £20 or more.

Take care,