Last shot for Mothers Day

Dear Customers,

This is my last call for Mother’s Day gifts as Easter is beckoning and quite a number of you have been asking about our eggs this year.  So, the Mother’s Day gifts (shown below) will remain on the site until noon on Thursday, 11th and will then be replaced with Easter goodies.  

Mothers Day Treats

With mums in mind, do look, too, at our Gifts and Offers page, there are some very good deals and if you are sending your gift direct to the recipient, do include a message on the order form which I will transfer on to a greetings card.

I was born at least 10 years too early to be much of a wiz at all things connected with the World Wide Web.  Having said that, I don’t think I was ever intended to be blessed with much technical skill and the darling children in my life have certainly added to the problem by stealing my confidence. 

It began with 10 months old Deets (already walking and with two older brothers, very grown up for her age). We had just bought a video machine and I was trying to play a video of The Snowman without much success.  Deets toddled over, took the video from me, put it in the machine correctly and pressed the right button. She then gave me a look which I can only describe as “withering”!  I was further humiliated some years later when my grandson, Fred, with theatrical sighs of disbelief, helped me find the business website on his mother’s laptop.  He was two.  You get the picture, there have been many such incidents over the years. Nowadays, I have twice weekly tutorials from my granddaughter, Isobel, as she travels with her mother to school.

Isobel and Spud when they were both little.

Isobel has taught me to zoom, copy and paste, post on social media, etc., etc.  She is endlessly patient and kind and I take some comfort from the fact that at least she is seven and it is now widely recognised that small children are massively more technically able than the average adult. So, with Isobel’s words of wisdom, with John running the website, with Louise handling our social media and with Deets and Donna on hand to sort out my messes, my inadequacies seem less important!

I hope you have a good week.