A free little egg with every order of 20 pounds or more

Dear Customers,

Every year, in the last full week before Easter, we normally include one of our little eggs FREE with all orders over £20.  Last year, Deets and I were struggling too much to make any Easter eggs at all but this year we are back to normal and you will be receiving a free raw chocolate orange egg.  As well as being a thank you gesture, it is also an incentive to ask whether, if possible, you could place your Easter orders this coming week. I get so worried about making sure your Easter eggs arrive in time and it is not really safe to dispatch orders after the 30th to ensure pre Easter delivery.  And remember, all orders over £20 are postage free.

Egg Boxes good to go. Containing 4 x 45g eggs for £7.25

Thank you so much for all your Easter orders so far.  Our Classic and Combo eggs always sell really well but one of the other stars this year is proving to be our Egg Box.   Each box contains 2 Mandarin Orange Eggs and 2 Very Berry Eggs (strawberry & raspberry) and has the added advantage of not needing to be refrigerated.  Perfect for raw chocolate Easter egg hunting.

Small beginnings - this little red current bush never fails to give me an amazing crop.

At long last, Spring really does seem to be emerging from one of the most difficult Winters most of us will have experienced, one way and another. Trencrom Hill has turned bright yellow with gorse and everywhere, shoots and buds are emerging. My garden has suddenly sprung to life, I have managed to mow the lawn and the two brave little clematis on the balcony, having suffered full on 80 mile an hour winds, are miraculously bursting into bud.  As Captain Tom said, “Tomorrow will be a good day”. It suddenly looks more likely.

Take care,