10% discount continues

Dear Customers,

Go on then – 10% discount on all products for just one more week!   Weird weather, weird lifestyle currently, weird old world, I think it is the least I can do. Therefore, the offer will continue until Sunday, 16th April.

10% discount continues for one more week

Our cantankerous wrapping machine, “Pearl”, is now running beautifully after a service and new cutting blades – which is great for us but not so good for you as the number of Wonky pies she wraps has dropped significantly.   However, we do have enough of her mess ups to last until the end of the month, so a FREE Wonky Pie with every order continues until then.

My youngest granddaughter, Isobel, is going to be eight years old tomorrow and, of course, I sadly won’t be there to celebrate with her.  Like everyone else, being separated from family and dear friends is tough, isn’t it?  I last saw her and her family in August, it seems an age ago but I realise that for many people, separations have been considerably longer

Isobel on Bryher, Isles of Scilly, last August

Still, I have a date of 19th June when I am off to Oxford to see them all for the weekend.  I can’t wait.

I have had a few comments on the Matcha Pocket Pie but could really do with hearing more from those of you who have tried it.  If you could email me your comments, along with your address, I will send you a FREE Matcha Pocket Pie as a thank you.

Take care,