10% off everything

Dear Customers,

To celebrate the Bank Holiday, the continuing easement in lockdown restrictions and, most important of all, the encouraging decrease in COVID infections, I am discounting every item on the website by 10% from NOW until next Sunday, 9th May. There are some great bargains.

10% off everything!!

Things are really hotting up in Cornwall. Everyone I speak to with letting accommodation is booked up solid through to October and as a county so reliant on the hospitality industry, it is a big relief.  After the bleakness of the Winter months, most of us with businesses down here always reach Easter like beached wales, with overdrafts sky high…and, of course, we have been locked down for both of the last two Easters. Nevertheless, it will be difficult not to miss the peace and quiet of the last year and beaches certainly will not look like the photograph below from now on! Having said that, we are ready to welcome visitors with open arms.

Spud and Lupin on Porth Kidney beach

An added touch of excitement, more like hysteria really, is the impending arrival in West Cornwall of world leaders for the G7 summit in mid June. Here at Trencrom, we are only about 3 miles from the conference site.  Already, everywhere is swarming the policemen and police dogs, manhole covers are being sealed, drains inspected, roads resurfaced and just near us a huge field has been taken over for security personnel….and we still have 6 weeks to go!  Still, it is all going to be very interesting – I will keep you posted!

A free Wonky Pie with every order continues, as well as the 10% discount.

Best wishes,