Free sprouts with every order

Dear Customers,

What a difference a bit of sunshine makes and with it comes the salad season. Many people are not lucky enough to have a garden but even if you do have one, there is still a case for sprouted seeds and beans - they are so nutritious, tasty and incredibly quick and easy to grow.  To celebrate the fine weather, I am now giving away, for one week only, 2 packs of sprouting beans (1 Aduki and 1 Mung) with every order you place, regardless of value, and the beans come with full instructions.  You need no special equipment for sprouting beans.

Mung and Aduki Beans

For those of you who are vegan or vegetarian, sprouted Aduki Beans are a must.  They contain more protein, pound for pound, than a filet steak, and newly sprouted, they have a delicious nutty taste. Aduki Beans also contain iron and vitamin C.  Mung Beans are a powerful antioxidant, a liver cleanser and sooth the digestion. They help lower cholesterol and high blood pressure.  Children love them as they taste likes peas but be warned, they are a terrific energy boost!

I try to grow some vegetables and all of my various salads but at the moment civil war has broken out in my little greenhouse.  The door always has to be left open because “Princess” (Deets’s cat and well named!) likes to sun herself there in the day, and incidentally bats me round the ear when I try to water my plants.

Princess, taking it easy

However, the continually open door means that every snail and slug in Trencrom now knows of this arrangement and makes slow but steady progress towards my seedlings. We are all far too frightened of Princess to shut her out of her chosen spot and I couldn’t possibly kill the slugs and snails. So, thank heavens for sprouting seeds and beans which grow and thrive safely on my kitchen draining board, well away from the war zone. Do try them, they are great.
Best wishes,