The Optimistic Box

Dear Customers,

We started selling THE LOCKDOWN BOX right at the beginning of the first lockdown and we have sold more of them than any other product.  So many have been sent to friends and family to cheer them on. It has been a real pleasure and privilege to dispatch these for you, often accompanied with the most lovely messages.

Well, now we have a roadmap and lockdown is starting to ease, we thought we should celebrate the fact.  So, The Lockdown Box is now officially renamed THE OPTIMISTIC BOX! and for 1 week only, we are offering it to you for just £10, a real bargain.


The Box contains 6 pies: Raw Chocolate Pink Himalayan Salt, Peppermint, Ginger, Coffee and Raw Fudges Salted Caramel and Chocolate. 
I have become rather a fan of alfresco dining, despite the very cold evenings. In anticipation of being able to see friends again, a few weeks ago I bought a brazier (not a fancy firepit, which I couldn’t afford, more like one of those things strikers stand around).  The first night I lit it, (resisting the temptation to shout “up the workers, down with management!”) was not a success.  It was too low on the ground and smoke blew straight in our faces. Now, I have raised it off the ground on bricks and it is brilliant.  

Cosy alfresco dining!

On Friday, I had the most splendid evening with very dear friends who I hadn’t seen, except on zoom, since before Christmas.  A big stew bubbled on the barbeque, the brazier roared away and threw out tons of heat and to make absolutely sure we were warm enough, wine had to be consumed.  It was completely dark, the sky a mass of stars and a tiny moon riding high before we parted. It was magic.

A free Wonky Pie continues with every order for another week and don’t forget THE OPTIMISTIC BOX! – it’s fabulous value.

Take care,