Timings for Easter ordering

Dear Customers,

Easter orders are flooding in, thank you so much.  It is great to be able to offer Easter eggs again after the difficulties of Easter 2020.  I do get very anxious at Christmas and Easter about ensuring that everyone receives their presents in time.  Because both Royal Mail and the couriers will be at full stretch next week and, of course, it is a short week, I have decided to take down the Easter page at midnight on Monday to ensure that we have plenty of time to get your orders to you.  You will still be able to order anything else from the site, of course, it will just affect the Easter products. SO PLEASE DO ORDER YOUR EGGS BY MIDNIGHT TOMORROW (Monday, 29th).  I am probably fussing unnecessarily, but I would rather be safe than sorry.

We are continuing with a free Wonky Pie with every order but I have to warn you that Pearl, our valiant wrapping machine, has had a head to toe service and is performing like a dream.  We have enough Wonky Pies to take us through the next couple of weeks but if Pearl continues to show off, we will run out of supply soon after!

This morning on Porth Kidney beach - big seas!

I thought I would leave you this week with a photo I took this morning on my walk with the dogs.  That’s Godrevy lighthouse in the distance and the sea was really thundering in – magic.

I won’t trouble you with an email next Sunday, being Easter.  Many of you, of course, will still be separated from friends and family – I have not seen my elder daughter and grandchildren since August.  It is hard, isn’t it?  However, have the very best Easter break you can and once again, on behalf of Deets, Donna and me, thank so very much for your continued support.

Best wishes,