3 free pies with the next 40 orders

Dear Customers,

Oh Lordy, the passage of the years!  Donna, the third member of the Pie team, turned 40 on Friday last.    

So, to celebrate her birthday, we are giving away Donna’s three favourite pies with the first 40 orders we receive this week.  Her favourites are Raw Chocolate Pie with Himalayan Salt, Peanut Combo and Madly Mandarin Pocket Pie. I have to agree with her, they are among my favourites too.

3 free pies with the first 40 orders this week

Years ago, we had a herb farm on the Lizard, called Halzephron, and Donna began working there with us when she was 15.  It does not feel like a quarter of a century ago…but it is!  With the odd interruption, we have worked together ever since and survived it all, even the period when Donna being a slightly volatile teenager coincided with me having the menopause!  Not a good combination.

We three have worked together for so long, it is almost a process of osmosis, certainly serious team work. We are very lucky to have jobs we really enjoy, especially in these difficult times and to work for you, our lovely customers.

Free Wonky Pies continue for another week but stocks are dwindling.

Make sure your order is among the first 40 this week!

Thank you, as always,