Pocket Pie at the G7 Summit

Dear Customers,

Well, it is all kicking off here!

There are road and coastal path closures, barriers going up all over the place, police everywhere and let’s not get started on the traffic – 5 hour queues are predicted!  Opinion is much divided as to whether holding the Summit in West Cornwall is a good idea or not – I suspect the jury is out on this one until it is over.

I am not moaning, however, because our Pocket Pie is included in some of the G7 gift hampers and for a small business that feels like quite a scoop!  To celebrate this, we are including 2 FREE Pocket Pies with every order from now until Sunday, 13th June. 

2 free Pocket Pies with every order

I have chosen to send you the two most popular flavours – Very Berry and Madly Mandarin.  I do hope you enjoy them and I hope those at G7 will too!

I will let you know how things have gone next Sunday.  Here at Trencrom, we have all done a siege type food shop because getting out of here will be very difficult, if not impossible.  I am told, however, that Royal Mail is being given priority so your orders will not be affected.

“Pearl” our wrapping machine is behaving much better but we still have a week or two more of Wonky Pies to clear, so a free Wonky pie will come with your order as well as the Pocket Pies.

Best wishes,