Fathers Day Gift Box

Dear Customers,

The year is flying by – Father’s Day next weekend already.  I have looked back through the years at our past Father’s Day gifts and conducted a rather unscientific, but reasonably accurate, survey as to the most popular pies for Dads.  So here is the result which is on offer from now:
THE FATHER’S DAY BOX - £15 for a gift box containing 9 pies, which are – Chilli, Ginger, Coffee, Peanut Combo, Himalayan Salt, Peppermint, Festive, Mandarin Pocket Pie and Very Berry Pocket Pie.

The Father’s Day Box £15 for 9 pies.

As well as being the average Dad’s most favourite pies, this gift box is really good value – in fact, as an offer, it is the best we have on the site currently. (See Gifts & Offers page) To guarantee delivery, could you put in your orders by midday on Thursday and if you are sending the Box direct to your Father, please do include a message which I will transfer to a Father’s Day card (no charge for this and it will be in my best handwriting!).

I promised you an update on G7.  Bear in mind I am writing this on Friday but currently, apart from the weather, things are going really well. We have produced for the occasion, the traditional Cornish “Mizzle” which is as much a part of Cornwall as a pasty - the mist hangs heavy and a walk up the hill left me soaking this morning. Still, it is all a part of the Cornish experience and we are promised sun for tomorrow and Sunday.

The real eyeopener has been the police who are being absolutely lovely, despite being armed to the teeth!  There are masses of photographs of them with children wearing police peaked caps and having a lovely time.  My own experience of walking on Porth Kidney beach with a neighbour and our 4 dogs was great.  There was just us, the brave but mad woman who swims without a wetsuit in the sea every day of the year and about 50 police.  They were soon involved throwing balls for the dogs and were so friendly. I said to one of them that it must be boring standing around all day.  He replied, “compared with what I have to put up with on a daily basis in my job, this is wonderful”. Good point!  So far, so good – all is calm. Red Arrows tomorrow!

A free Wonky Pie with every order continues for another week.

Best wishes,