Free postage on every order

Dear Customers,

What with one thing and another, this is an offer we have not done for a while but here it is – FREE POSTAGE ON ALL ORDERS, HOWEVER SMALL, JUST FOR ONE WEEK.  

This is a great opportunity to purchase as much or as little as you want, for you and your friends and family.… do seize the moment!
My elder daughter, Lucy, and I talk on the phone most days, usually very early in the morning, just after she has had a run on Otmoor and I have walked the dogs up the Hill.  This has led to many discussions on the wonders of nature and we have developed a competition just between ourselves. The subject is the natural world versus humankind and we award ourselves a point for every example of where one exceeds the other. Finding examples of the natural world outstripping humans is easy.  Take the illustration below:

The delicacy and intricacy of a spider’s web surpasses even the best lacemakers from Nottingham to Malta and the spider does it so quickly.  
However, finding examples of humans’ superiority over nature is not so easy. The only one we have come up with so far is music. The song of the Nightingale is superb but we think that marvellous bird still can’t compete with Beethoven and the other major boys in the band.

So, we are throwing open the competition to you. Just email your thoughts of examples where humankind triumphs over nature and we will pick the best three examples and send you a FULL HOUSE (12 pies) as a prize. PS: please don’t use the digital age as an example of humans’ superior achievements – a swallow is way more skilled and reliable than any SatNav!

A free Wonky Pie continues with every order.

Best wishes,