A free raw chocolate pie and bag of nuts

Dear Customers,

This week we are GOING NUTS!  With every order, we are giving away FREE a bag of nuts and a bar of Raw Chocolate Nut Pie.  The bag of nuts weighs 150g and contains Pecans, Brazils, Hazlenuts, Almonds, Cashews and Walnuts but NO peanuts (though we should always warn that there could be a trace).

Free with every order for one week only from NOW until next Sunday, 18th.

For those of you who cannot eat or don’t like nuts, can I remind you that our Pocket Pie, as well as not needing to be refrigerated, is also nut free.  Again, we cannot guarantee that there is not a trace but we use separate moulds, utensils and containers for Pocket Pie.

My son, Michael, turned 33 yesterday. He travelled down to Cornwall the night before from where he works in Oxfordshire at Soho Farmhouse as a cocktail barman.

photo of Michael and Charlie, aged 4, looking cheeky – Michael on the right

Michael is an artist by vocation and got his degree at Falmouth Art College but making enough money to live on as a fulltime artist is very difficult.  My younger son, Charlie, always sympathises by saying how much easier it is for him, as a musician, to earn a living as compared with an artist.  As he says, his major investment was his instrument and thereafter people pay him to play it.  For Michael, he has to buy the paint and canvasses, find and pay for a studio and do it all in the hopes that what he produces, actually sells.  Of course, Charlie has not had an easy time either over the last 15 months – a career in the arts is not an easy road but both of them absolutely love what they do, which makes them very lucky indeed.

A free Wonky Pie continues with every order.

Best wishes and hopes for the arrival of Summer sometime soon!