The Summer Box continues

Dear Customers,

This last week has not been particularly good for chocolate eating, in fact eating hardly anything at all - just too hot.  So, I have decided to run THE SUMMER BOX OFFER on for one more week.

On the advice of my grandchildren, The Summer Box includes Salted Caramel Fudge, Naked Combo and Peanut Combo for chopping on to ice cream and yoghurt and Goji & Pumpkin Seed, Very Berry Pocket Pie and Mandarin Pocket Pie because they are nice and fruity for Summer eating.

You will see that in the photograph above, the pies are nestling at the base of a plant, which is my very favourite herb – Lemon Verbena.  I absolutely love it and for my money, the wonderfully fresh lemony smell beats the most expensive perfumes.  In the little bunch of herbs you will receive with The Summer Box, a sprig of Lemon Verbena will be included.  When my husband, Alan, and I founded Halzephron Herb Farm, we grew over 300 different herbs but nothing compared could touch it to my mind.  I would be interested to see what you think.  It makes a great tea which aids sleep and reduces stress.  It is also wonderful in a gin and tonic!

When your herbs arrive just put them in a glass of water and they will revive.

In the course of these emails, it has probably become obvious that my dogs rule my life.  Spud, my jack russell, is terribly upset when I go swimming and I have to get someone to hold his paw while I do so.

“Where is my Mummy going?”

Even though Spud never lets me out of his sight if he can help it, his philosophy so far as water is concerned is “never above the knees”, as you can see in the above photograph.  Rather limiting though, his knees being so very close to the ground!

Have a good week.

Best wishes,