A years supply of raw chocolate and fudge competition

Dear Customers,

A GREAT COMPETITION – everyone ordering between now and next Sunday, 8th, will have their names put in the hat and be eligible to win a year’s supply of raw chocolate and fudge – i.e. 52 pies, one a week.  Deets will draw the winning name on Monday week.

This is what a year’s supply of pies looks like!

If you win, you can take your prize all at once or spread it over several months, or, maybe, save it for Christmas.  We will deliver it in any way you wish.


I know I bang on about the flora and fauna on Trencrom Hill but it never ceases to amaze me and bring such pleasure, as I know it does to many people.  So far as flora is concerned, the Hill is covered with the usual suspects – bracken, gorse, brambles, hawthorne and a variety of grasses.  Today I came across this lovely honeysuckle.

Honeysuckle on Trencrom Hill

And to honeysuckle can be added dog roses, rhododendrons, crab apples, cornflowers and I am sure many more wonderful plants if I was knowledgeable enough to recognise them.  The prevailing wind (which can be considerable!) obviously blows seeds on to the Hill.  Of course, birds too will help and the amount of lichen growing on the trees indicates the lack of pollution. It is a wonderful place to live and work – me and Deets are very lucky and we do really appreciate it.

A free Wonky pie continues with every order.  Some people ask to be sent a specific pie. Please do request this, if you wish, and I will try to send what you want but obviously the whims of Pearl do dictate what is on offer!

Best wishes,